What is Whatcom Pagans?

Whatcom Pagans is a group created to unify pagans from the area around and within Whatcom County WA and conduct public rituals. Our rituals are open to the public and people of all ages. The events hosted by Whatcom Pagans tend to be as diverse as the community of individuals and groups that contribute. Please come with an open and curious mind.

Who Creates Rituals and Events?

The rituals and events hosted by Whatcom Pagans are organized during a yearly planning meeting in which volunteers step forward, representing their groups or their individual paths of practice and worship. These volunteers are not paid for their work or time but most see their effort as an offering, given freely, to the spirits or deities they work with. There is not one type of unifying tradition that is represented so please understand that a ritual may not be like your own practice or what you are used to experiencing. We do not condone belief systems that limit people by things like gender or race and if this is what your looking for, look elsewhere.

Where are your events?

The location of our events can change depending on those hosting it. Most tend to be at the Center for Spiritual Living however, this is not always the case. Updated locations will be included on the event announcements.