This is a small list of groups who work within or near Whatcom Pagans. In some cases they are open to new members, but some are private and are listed mostly for reference. We will try to list groups recognized by WP as being legitimate with sound leadership however, use your own discretion when joining any group.

Skagit Pagans

Skagit Pagans, Witches & Magical People – A locally focused group for Pagans, Witches & Magical People who live in or within range of Skagit Valley, Washington, who want to meet and practice together as a community.
The group is founded by Wiccan Priestesses experienced in public rituals who seek to build a vibrant, supportive and friendly event-oriented community for seasonal celebrations. Your level of experience isn’t a problem.
See our site at or email for information.

Luna Del Mar

Luna Del Mar is an English Traditional style Wiccan coven practicing Georgian & NROOGD (New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn) traditions. The group grew from High Priestess Betsy’s love of the craft and friends who wanted to practice together starting around 2002. Our focus is worship of the Goddess & God, seeking spiritual growth, finding meaning in the cycles of the earth and our lives, and of course personal growth and learning. Meeting 1-2 times per month, Luna Del Mar welcomes inquiries from serious students who are called to the Wiccan path. Contact

Embracing Darkness

The Dark Moon is a time of deep inner reflection and self examination, which is necessary to implement change in our lives. Sometimes we need support to be in the dark or to confront our darker aspects. Sometimes we don’t know where to start this journey. This group offers women space to safely explore the darkness by gathering as a group on the Dark Moon (the night before the New Moon), exploring the lessons inspired by the lunar cycles, and holding space for women in the dark. Each gathering is hosted by a different volunteer, and each volunteer shares inspiration for shadow work.

Each gathering will include exploring nature in the dark as a group, and also independently when we spread out to sit with the darkness. This can be a very intense experience, so please bring patience, grace, and understanding to the gathering. We allow all to share and process.

Please note: Embracing Darkness is a women’s circle that focuses on some darker aspects of
self and the realities of navigating our world. This gathering is not a substitute for therapy or trauma healing work, and we ask all to consider if they are in the mindset and place to be able to probe their shadow selves with the conversations held in the group. If you have recently experienced loss, grief, etc, it may not be the right time to embark on a journey to Embrace Darkness further.

If you are interested in joining an Embracing Darkness gathering, please reach out to Ahn at

Circle Of Noisy Waters

Northwest Lammas Festival

Guild of Sacred Night

Find their Facebook group Guild of Sacred Night or contact by email at

Eternal Spring Church

ESC is a place for people who want to find the divine in their daily lives.
Everyone is welcome here.

Whidbey Pagans

A social group for Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, Pagans, Witches and Pagan friendly folk who live on (or near) Whidbey Island in Washington state.

Our group is designed to be a safe space for everyone. We each come from different spiritual and cultural backgrounds. We come together to intentionally create a welcoming and inclusive environment in which personal responsibility is encouraged, and bodily autonomy is respected. We ask everyone to participate in our welcoming culture as you interact with others here.