Northwest Lammas Festival – August 1st-3rd – River Farm, Van Zandt

Join our tribe at a spiritual oasis near Mount Baker in Whatcom County Washington for a celebration of the harvest festival of Lammas and the fertile abundant Earth Mother Goddess.

What will you harvest?

Connecting with Mama Gaia: A One-Day Retreat for Women with Joanna Powell Colbert
August 9, 2014, 10 AM – 5 PM – Sunflower Herb Farm, Bellingham

Come spend the day outside on a magical herb farm, where we will learn to deepen our relationship with Mama Gaia, the natural world.

A little communing with plant spirits, a little nature journaling, a dance to the four directions, a Council of the Elements, and a little tarot (of course!). And lots of letting the August sun warm our bodies and souls.

Join a circle of Wise Women as we honor our own personal “first harvest,” just nine days after the feast of Lammas.

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2014 Wheel of the Year Celebration Dates

Imbolc – Feb 1st – by Lee and Betsy
Ostara – Mar 22nd – by Rachel
Beltane – May 3rd – by Giving
Litha – Jun 21st – by Ryan
Lammas – Aug 2nd – at the NWLF by Raven
Mabon – Sep 20th – Harvest Home by Elaine, Betsy, Giving & Raven
Samhain – Nov 1st – Witch’s Ball by Marcus, Gwen, and Willow
Yule – Dec 20th – by Hecate’s Circle

BIG THANKS to everyone who made the Wheel of the Year 2013 a big success: Ashley, Betsy, Brian, Chele, Elaine, Giving, Lee, Raven, Ryan, Thom, and everyone else who pitched in to get it done!


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