Whatcom Pagans Lammas event!

An image collage of several scenes from past festivals. In one a man holds his arms out into a pouring waterfall while standing in a stream. In another, the figure of a woman, made of bread lays on a table, decorated with flowers.The words, Northwest Lammas Festival decorate the top.

It’s almost that time already! Lammas nears and the yearly festival, hosted by Elaine and Lee, is coming back this August. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to come to previous events, the Lammas Festival is a three day event, with camping, ritual, workshops and games.

Suggested donations for the trip are 45$ for the full weekend, with other options for those who would like to attend on individual days. For more information simply click on the banner above. Hope to see everyone at this amazing event!

Blessed Be.

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