WP Samhain 2023

*please read thoroughly for participation instructions*

The time for Samhain has come at last!
We invite you to join Whatcom Pagans at the Center for Spiritual Living in Bellingham on Saturday, November 4th for our Samhain festivities.

Doors open at 4:30pm. There will be a fire and snacks for some connection before ritual, and we will sing a Wheel of the Year song for our October birthdays.
We will have a Treat and Treasure Quest (all ages welcome) from about 5:15pm-5:45pm as the sun sets. Find all the cauldrons to retrieve your treats and treasures before the darkness settles in the haunted woods!

Samhain Ritual will begin at 6:00pm. We will be building an altar to honor our Beloved Dead during the ritual and inviting them to join us within the ritual circle, so please bring mementos of your beloved with you for this purpose. Please be advised that this ritual will include themes of death, grief, trauma, and connection with the dead. These themes will be presented in a theatrical way, with children in the ritual, so it will be child friendly. During the ritual there will be moments of complete darkness and delicate energy, so please make sure to arrive and be safely seated before we start. Seating outside of the ritual circle area will be available for anyone who arrives late or for anyone not comfortable sharing space with the dead.

After the ritual we will have a potluck feast to honor our Beloved Dead. Please bring dishes/beverages that your beloved made or loved, or just something that you love to share! Even if you aren’t able to bring a potluck item, please feel welcomed to stay for our feast. We will be toasting and sharing stories of our loved ones with our tables, so bring a short memory to share if you’d like!

As always, we will be collecting donations for the Bellingham Food bank, so please bring non-perishable donations. We also encourage a $10 donation to the CSL, but no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.

We are excited to share this Samhain evening with you all!

Blessed be


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